The New Rules of Small Business Marketing

Hi. If you’re sales are down, I can probably tell you why. No, it’s not the economy ONLY. It is also because you haven’t learned how to market yourself, effectively communicating a message to your potential clients/customers so powerful that they flood your door or pummel your phone line or website.

Most small business owners are great at their trade but are not so great at marketing and selling their services or products. One of the main reasons is that they have not studied marketing and sales strategies! Hello! Of course! You may have gone to school to get your Dr. in Chiropractic but you didn’t get your MBA so…. of course you wouldn’t know how to market your chiropractice services! Make sense!

But, the good news is, there are just a few simple principles involved in order to guide all of your marketing to produce a significant ROI. The first principle I’m going to talk about is your own psychology. The next principle I’ll be addressing is the psychology of your ideal customer / client.

Once you see how your personality and beliefs affect your business success, you’ll be miles ahead of your competition. And… once you understand the beliefs, wants, hot buttons, of your best clients/customers … essentially “why your customers/clients buy”… you’ll never waste precious time and hard-earned money again on failed marketing / promotion campaigns.

Basically, if you do your homework, you’ll end up always knowing with great clarity exactly how to position your business, know your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) so that you end up doubling or more your net profits during the next 12 months. If you do all of your marketing from the perspective of your client, you will undoubtedly appeal to them more than if you are completely unaware of what they truly want and express that. Money comes from people making decisions (not from websites, postcards, radio ads, etc), and people make decisions because they were persuaded to do so.

If you know how to best pursuade people to do business with you, you will no longer be confused and worried that you don’t know how to get more clients. When you do your homework, you gain clarity and make marketing decisions with certainty.

Come back soon for more details on how exactly to implement in almost any small business these psychological principles. Visit to learn more about how I help my small business coaching clients make more money.


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