How your business looses prospects and how to stop making marketing mistakes

Here is a letter that I just wrote to a realtor …


If I can make a suggestion to greatly increase the effectiveness of your website?

Your opening statement is not BAD, but not optimal. You say:

“Put the sharp minds, powerful technology, global perspective, passion and integrity of Rapid Realty to work for you!”

So, I realize that you’re trying to differentiate yourself from others. That’s good. But, a better opening statement on a website deals with addressing the BENEFITS to your clients. Really, your prospective clients are not buying your “powerful technology” or your “global perspective” … they are buying the benefits of using a realtor, which are something like: finding the perfect next house at a great price with no hassle … or… selling my property quickly for the highest amount the market will bare … or… investing in the perfect rental property with immediate positive cash flow…

See where I’m going? Focus your opening pitch, the web’s version of your elevator pitch, with what benefits you deliver to your clients. I’m not buying a knife, I’m buying the ease of slicing my bread. Make sense?

Finally, if you can put together a video with testimonials from your happy clients, upload it to YouTube, and then embed that video on your home page, you’ll get an even better response from people who visit, turning browsers into buyers / new listings.

Hope this helps. I see a lot of very savvy business people make very costly mistakes since their marketing message doesn’t speak to their ideal prospective clients. Always make your ad copy written from the client’s perspective. You’re website can’t be a static brochure “about us” or ego-centered. It has to be client focused, engaging them with a story about how their goals can be achieved by doing business with you.



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